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Whether it’s getting your site found, growing your audience or increasing your sales, we start with your goals and tailor our services to suit. Then, we roll up our sleeves and deliver what we promised.

Gareth Bull

Gareth Bull


Gareth is Bulldog’s Director, SEO Expert and CRO specialist – the driving force behind Bulldog. Gareth started Bulldog in June 2013.

As an SEO Expert, he's the man whose job it is to make sure your site shows up in search. He’s adept at finding ways to get more of your customers to do what you want.

Lee Dobson

Lee Dobson

Head of Search

If it’s a WordPress issue, paid search challenge or SEO conundrum, Lee’s your man. Lee joined Bulldog in September 2013.

Lee arm-wrestles Google to make sure you come out on top, using ethical, sustainable tactics to achieve this. He also makes sure his clients are always in the know and keeps our campaigns running smoothly.

Ryan Toomey

Ryan Toomey

Lead Designer

Ryan is Bulldog’s resident designer. The guy behind all those sharp infographics in our case studies. He joined the team in June 2015.

Turning data into visually stunning images that get links is Ryan’s bread and butter. Whether it’s a clever logo or an eye-catching infographic, Ryan creates images that get attention.

Andre Pierrie

Andre Pierrie

Search Account Manager

Andre deals with SEO and Pay Per Click for Bulldog’s clients. He joined the Bulldog crew in September 2015.

Andre works hard to get clients the results they’re after in organic search. As our PPC powerhouse, he promises to boost client leads through paid advertising, and keep those sales numbers climbing.

Adam Symes

Adam Symes

Office Manager

Adam’s job is to do whatever it takes to keep accounts on track and keep Bulldog in order. Adam became a part of Bulldog in October 2015.

Adam’s a real personable guy – which goes a long way when making connections and earning links for clients. He’s always ready to lend a hand to account managers and clients.

Ellis Burke

Ellis Burke

Digital Outreacher

Ellis is your content outreach specialist. He ensures you get the high authority links to your site. Ellis joined Bulldog in April 2016.

Ellis works closely with the designers making sure those eye-catching infographics get seen. He builds relationships with high authority journalists and bloggers to gain great links for your site.

Rona Powell

Rona Powell

Graphic Designer

Rona’s the new addition to the Bulldog team, joining in June 2016. She works alongside Ryan to create visually stunning designs.

Whether it’s an infographic, logo or brochure, Rona will get you the outcome you want. She'll ensure your visual content is striking enough to get seen, just take a look at our infographics to see what we mean.

Buzz Carter

Buzz Carter

Outreach Manager

Buzz is the newest addition to the Bulldog team, joining in October 2016 to manage the outreach department and make sure clients get only the best links.

As our resident link ninja Buzz specialises in outreach and off page SEO techniques making sure we can get clients content onto the best websites the internet has to offer to give them an advantage against all competitors.

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  • “Our rankings and social presence rocketed. Gareth and his team have been superb throughout the past year and we can’t wait for results to continue”


  • “Results have been superb, we saw immediate results within our Google Ad campaign and gradual improvements with our organic traffic campaign. Bulldog are a refreshing agency to work with”


  • "It was by FAR the best decision I've made in my company. Within 2 months I was seeing drastic changes to my traffic on my site. I am currently receiving enquiries every day & seeing my conversion rate go through the roof."


  • “Within a couple of weeks I saw results & now I'm ranking on the first page on all the search engines. I'm still in my first month of SEO with Bulldog Digital Media & I can't wait to continue business in the future. Exceptional customer service & brilliantly laid out SEO agency. For anyone who is looking to make the SEO jump then I can't recommend this company enough.”


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