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Emily Wilson

Posted by Emily Wilson

Digital Marketing Assistant

Bulldog Digital Media Named a Leading UK SEO Company on Clutch!

As a full-service digital marketing and UK SEO agency, Bulldog Digital Media has overseen many successful SEO projects. Finding the right SEO provider that can meet your project and budget is taxing. One survey found that nearly 1 in 5…
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Published on 22 Nov 2017

Buzz Carter

Posted by Buzz Carter

Head of Outreach

Buzz’s super outreach guide for small business owners

Link building is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy, all businesses big and small should be invested in growing their websites backlink profile to get them above the competition. The only issue is when you’re a small business…
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Published on 14 Nov 2017

Lee Dobson

Posted by Lee Dobson

Head of Search

The scariest digital marketing fails – Halloween special

In the spirit of Halloween, we thought we’d dedicate this to the scary-story lovers. So, get comfortable and prepare yourselves for these hauntingly hilarious Digital Marketing fails.   Amazon’s Email Campaign Scare   Email Marketing Kicking off with the most…
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Published on 26 Oct 2017

Lee Dobson

Posted by Lee Dobson

Head of Search

Make sure your SEO efforts don’t go unrewarded

There’s not much point in wasting time and money on an ineffective SEO campaign. The only thing worse is one that is actually detrimental to you, achieving the opposite of what you’ve set out to do. It’s entirely possible to…
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Published on 5 Jun 2016

Lee Dobson

Posted by Lee Dobson

Head of Search

The art of SEO warfare: how to gain a competitive advantage

Throughout the short but turbulent history of the Web, businesses have attempted all kinds of strategies to gain a competitive advantage over rivals in their industry, not all of which were very ethical and many of which resulted in the…
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Published on 7 Mar 2016

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