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Whether it’s getting your site found, growing your audience or increasing your sales, we start with
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Get found.


Get leads.

Digital PR

Get noticed.

Search Engine Optimisation

Supercharged SEO in London. Better rankings, better traffic, better business.

Oh, and seriously peeved competitors. It’s all in a day’s work for our SEO super nerds.

Our competitors talk in terms of keywords and links. We talk about solid strategies, built upon tactics that work. Full stop.

Here at Bulldog SEO Agency London, we have a team of SEO obsessives who make it their life’s work to push their clients far past their competitors (seriously, these guys don’t go to the pub for entertainment – they cook up ideas to out pip the current #1). And when you’re dealing with the fickle beast that is Google et al. – you need them in our corner.

This is SEO that is built on scalable, repeatable processes – handling every element of your SEO campaign from start to finish – from your existing position to page one.

This is answerable SEO – delivered with transparency and more easy-to-decipher reports than you could shake a USB stick at (and we don’t like to boast, but we’re pretty darn good at it – our clients seem to agree, too – just check out our portfolio).

We love to work with…

Growing Businesses

From fledgling seed to fully mature company, your business is your baby – you’ve nurtured, cared and cheered your idea onto success. You see SEO as the investment it is – and we love you for it!

In-House Teams

Nobody said outsourcing marketing was easy. Oh, sorry, actually we did, and we still do; that’s because we play well with others – from marketing manager to CMO and onto in-house departments, we cherish them all.

Here’s what’s on offer…

SEO Audits

First things first: what are the issues that are belligerently blocking the way to that illustrious first page?

Our SEO Audit is an all-out archaeological dig into your website – from your code to your content, no digital stone will be left unturned.

Then, and only then, will we know exactly how we’re going to pummel your competition into SEO oblivion.

Strategy & Execution

Hold onto your hats… this is where things get serious. Once we have all of the data that our dig has uncovered, it’s time to talk turkey and put in place a solid SEO strategy.

Content creation, link building, technical fixes and keyword research will all merge to form a powerful plan for the road ahead.

Meaningful Real-Time Reporting

Monthly reports? I don’t think so. Weeks on end of wonder as to how your campaign’s going? No chance. Unreturned phone calls and no named contact? Humph! As if we would.

With our real-time client reporting app, and always available account manager, you’re in the picture every, single, step of the way.

So, just how do we do, what we do?


OK, it’s time to talk about you: your business, your corporate goals, your commercial hurdles.

We ask questions, answer yours and tell you all about how we’ll achieve results, without fail.


We don’t hit and hope – we build strategies around plenty of research. And you know what? It works, without exception.

We pore over keyword data, unravel your competitors’ strategies and dig through your websites for both issues and opportunities alike: for leaps in search engine positions in the shortest time frame possible.


We’re the Speedy Gonzales of the SEO world; the superman of the marketing realm. Our strategies are made from quickly implementable steps that reap results, quickly.

Every step of the way, you’ll be with us – kept in the loop and up to (terminal velocity) speed for a momentum that never slows.


Phew! After all of that hard work it’s great to see your investment paying dividends.

Through crystal clear reports you’ll know that with Bulldog Digital Media, you’ve made your savviest business decision yet. You’ll also know of just where we’re heading next – next stop – world domination! *The SEO team chuckle malevolently*

 Digital PR & Content Promotion

It’s not what you know – it’s who you know and that’s the strength of the team at Bulldog Digital Marketing Agency.

We identify the powerful people who you should want to know.

And then we’ll make sure that the feeling’s mutual.

We’re the socialites of the digital marketing realm, the Paris Hiltons of PR, if you will. We know the right people, in the right places – and we connect our clients to the industry influencers, content creators and journalists who are capable of delivering tangible traction for your business. Our PR experts speak to your target consumer in their language, and cut through the advert overload noise with messages that matter, delivered by those who are trusted by your target market.

And the result? Crafted consumer experiences and the creation of brand affinity – two of the most valuable commercial assets of all. Seriously, these guys are good… so good in fact that if they were a food advert, they’d be the M&S Christmas Special advert.

When you make the rather wise decision to entrust these PR pros with your digital PR, you look forward to a bright future with your brand under an alluring spotlight; with industry influencers who are hypnotically drawn to your business through content that positively buzzes with value and that builds trust – all of which translates into the pence, pounds and profit of tomorrow.

Here’s what’s on offer…

Content Design

The foundation of powerful PR is content that works its socks off. That’s why we painstakingly plan, research and create content that we know your target audience is going to love – whether this be an infographic that’s ideal for links, likes and shares, or an eBook that educates.

Targeted Outreach

We’ll be hot on the heels of the influencers and illustrious allies that matter to you – and we’ll reach out to them in ways that they haven’t heard a hundred times before – this is far from scripted, this is good old fashioned relationship management (with a smattering of flattery).

These are the guys you’ll want on your side and in your commercial corner – sending you quality links, qualified traffic or a slew of social shares.

Press & Media Coverage

Got something to say, a story to be heard? We’ll ensure that people are listening with compelling press releases that outlets can’t ignore.

And that’s not all – why should it be? You now have a powerful tool within your marketing itinerary, we’ll make the most of it whilst it’s still hot – building relationships with content creators who are interested in what you do and how you do it.

Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click is a lightning fast route to get phones ringing and inboxes pinging.

Persuasive ad copy, laser precision targeted – for qualified leads that can’t resist the click upon your Ad.

Fast, affordable, effective: honestly, what’s not to love?

PPC delivers business – and it delivers it quickly, consistently and at a set-in-stone budget. It’s like the Holy Grail of the marketing realm. Behind any successful PPC campaign are a whole bunch of statistics: numbers, facts, figures and metrics – each of which must be tapped into to turn budgets into big business.

Our collection of PPC ninjas are obsessive about stats and the insights that can be gleamed to shape their client’s success story (seriously – try taking away the report that they’re reading and they’ll come over all neurotic – they sure do love their numbers).

This isn’t wishy-washy work where results are based more on presumptions than rock steady research – these are PPC campaigns that are inspired by statistics and defined by data.

Here’s what’s on offer…

Account Setup

An optimal account setup is the foundation of a PPC campaign that boosts business and improves profit margins.

We optimise your ad groups to ensure that they’re working overtime for your website – and we tap into data to ensure your targeting is laser precise.

Ad Creation

The 25 characters that make up an Ad’s headline are often underestimated – they need to go beyond informing, to influence a searcher’s next move (just call us the PPC hypnotists).

With our carefully crafted copy (written to persuade in a snap shot), we capture attention that transforms into clicks; and we transition clicks onto conversion (otherwise known as cold, hard cash).

A/B Testing & Optimisation

Here is where our ads go head to head in a face down – where only the fittest survives.

From this we put our PPC team’s mighty powers of deduction into action – they’ll test, analyse and re-test to hone their strategies and create ad hybrids from the best performing of variants. This is a cut throat world, this A/B testing.


It’s good to talk – and we’ll never leave you in the dark as to how your campaign is progressing. In fact, we’ll positively shine a blinding spot light upon all that we’ve done, all that we’re yet to do and (most importantly) what all of this means to you in terms of the things that matter: leads, sales and money.

So, just how do we do, what we do?


Your company may be as yet untouched by the power of PPC or, on the other hand, you may be a veteran Pay-Per-Click user. Wherever you’re starting from, we’ll begin with a meticulous inspection of the data, as well as a diligent process of eyeing up and weighing up the competition.

We’ll explore issues that may hamper existing campaigns and discover new opportunities for creating fresh campaigns.

2.Campaign setup

With the research done and dusted, it’s time to get down to business: we’ll set-up your campaign with keywords and ad-groups built for optimal leverage and seamless management.

Compelling ads will be crafted, strict targets will be set and audiences will be reached with words that, quite simply, work.

3.Management & testing

Now comes the exciting part: your ads are unleashed on the online world. From the second we go live our team will be tracking every click, impression and quality score – for conversions that are continually improved (and plenty of lunches that are taken decidedly at the desk).

Underperformers will be eliminated, successes will be built upon and keywords, copy and conversions will be refined.

4.Ongoing reporting

Your PPC campaign is going to create a serious amount of data – data that we’re able to tap into for tangible insight into just how well we’re doing, and how we can go on to kick some serious competitor butt in the not so distant future.

Everything that we do is tracked against all that we promised; budgets are accounted for and goals are proven – all in a report that is delivered direct to your inbox.

Social Media Management

Ahhhh the fuzzy world of Social Media: the staggering array of platforms, the discombobulating range of features and the sheer number of dos, don’ts and perhaps can be enough to put you off this marketing medium for a lifetime.

When coupled with previously lacklustre results from your own efforts, it can appear that SMM is simply too tough a mountain to climb.

 At Bulldog Media, you can think of our SMM experts as Social Media Sherpas – guiding you through the trials, tribulations and tools that this realm provides and helping companies in London and Essex get found. We go beyond updates to deliver messages that mean something to your audience. We craft content that gets target consumers clicking away from those endless cat memes and onto your website. And we actively work towards consumers who love your brand so much that they act as your commercial cheerleaders, your brand ambassadors and your firm fans.

This isn’t merely the same-old, same-old social media marketing package – this goes way beyond likes and shares to transform conversations into long-term customers. Because that’s the way social media management should work.

Here’s what’s on offer…

Social Media Strategy

We don’t deal in wishy washy plans that are more hit-and-hope than laser precision targeted. Our strategies will hone in on the networks where your target consumers are, and will lay out every last detail when it comes to creating the content that they adore. All of which is based upon data that has been analysed to within an inch of its life.

Account Setup

With the blueprint sketched up and the steps ahead clear, we’ll set up, optimise and review your social media accounts. We’ll make sure your customers can discover you, and guarantee that when they do, they’ll stick around through slick graphics and an alluring message.

Ongoing Management

Here we get to the good part – so sit back, relax and grab yourself a cuppa as we get busy with handling the day-to-day running and promotion of your profiles.

And don’t worry – we’re a real stickler for brand rules of engagement, so whenever we post, update or interact with your target market it’ll be just as though it’s coming directly from your own in-house marketing team.

Social Advertising

Paid advertising on social platforms can lead to lightning fast results and exceptional value for your hard earned marketing budget.

We provide rock steady advice as to whether this is a route to be explored, and if you decide to forge ahead we’ll manage your campaign in a way that serves up ads that consumers simply can’t resist but click – bolstering a fan base made up of the right people.


There’s no smoke or mirrors to be found here. Everything that we do, all that we achieve, and each goal that we’ve promised to deliver will be documented in crystal clear reports.

You’re always in the know and firmly in the loop as to how your audience is growing, what people are saying about you and how consumers feel about the content we’ve been busy creating.

Oh, and should you have a question, your dedicated account manage is but a phone call away.

Ready to set Facebook ablaze and get Twitter talking? Then we should talk



  • “Our rankings and social presence rocketed. Gareth and his team have been superb throughout the past year and we can’t wait for results to continue”

    Sophie Wood, Marketing Manager

  • “Results have been superb, we saw immediate results within our Google Ad campaign and gradual improvements with our organic traffic campaign. Bulldog are a refreshing agency to work with”

    Marc Davis, Business Development Manager

  • "It was by FAR the best decision I've made in my company. Within 2 months I was seeing drastic changes to my traffic on my site. I am currently receiving enquiries every day & seeing my conversion rate go through the roof."

    Kelly Skipper, Founder of Glo

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Why Work With Us?

Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking

Check in on our progress anywhere, any time and from any device on our client analytics app.

Google Partner

Google Partner

Members of our team are certified Google Partners in Search & Display Advertising. Your campaigns will be in expert hands.

Dedicated Management

Dedicated Management

Every client is given a dedicated account manager – one number to call whenever you have questions or concerns.

Case Studies


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Who Are We?

If we’re going to be working together, we’d better start by getting to know each other.

So – a quick introduction:

Bulldog Digital Media is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing and SEO agency in London serving Essex, Kent & Surrey – though, we won’t turn you away if you’re from somewhere else. 

What makes us different?

Well, unlike most companies in this industry, we’re willing to show you how we’ve delivered for our clients in the past so that you can evaluate our work for yourself. No smoke, no mirrors, no vague, empty promises – just real SEO and marketing that drives leads to your business. 

Our approach has been built, tested and refined for success in the real world. No matter what the channel – we track everything and communicate with you in plain English so that you know what’s being done, how it’s working, and what’s coming next. 

Servicing SME’s to International brands, no matter what the size the company – we can help!

So come on – drop us a line! Find out what an accountable team of experts could do for your bottom line.

Complete Turnkey Solution

SEO – Get Found.

More traffic. But more importantly, more of the RIGHT Traffic.

Higher rankings. Higher revenue.

Google is a fickle beast – forever changing its mind as to just what it deems worthy to serve up upon its illustrious first page. Today, moving up the rankings isn’t a challenge for the faint of heart.

Luckily our team are the type to catch up on the latest news, views and happenings in the online world before they’ve even left for work. They live, breath and sleep SEO – and these obsessed marketers have but a single goal in life – to ensure that you outpace and outperform your competitors and beat the competition in London.

They are perfectionists with a passion for scalable, repeatable processes that work and a hatred for being pipped to the first place post by anyone else.

What we do

We offer the complete package when it comes to SEO: the real deal, the no-stone-left-unturned service that skyrockets search engine position for the long haul. This isn’t a one hit wonder – this is SEO done right and done sustainably to show London what you are made of.

Full On and Off Page Audits

Strategy and Execution

Meaningful Real-Time Reporting 

Pay Per Click – Get leads.

Turns clicks into converted customers

Transforms targeted ads into tangible pounds, pence and profit.

PPC Advertising is the Holy Grail of marketing ROI (otherwise known as bang-for-your-buck). Results are lightning fast and with precision targeted ads, the leads that arrive at your door are the right types of customers.

With PPC, we can drill down into demographics – drive qualified leads to your website and we have the power of picking and choosing who gets shown your ads, when they are shown them and even on what device.

Our team of PPC self-styled gurus know all there is to know about harnessing the power that PPC can provide. They don’t see data on your PPC dashboard – they see behind the statistics for the actionable insight that will shape a campaign that simply works.

Warning: Our PPC services bring about serious boosts to business.

How We Do It

Our PPC service is a comprehensive solution that manages everything from the initial account setup to the monthly report that fills you in on how our team have been trialling, testing and always evolving your ads. For campaigns that only ever become more effective and for driving more clicks, leads and sales – month after month.

Account setup

Ad creation

A/B Testing & Optimisation


Head on over to our PPC page

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Don’t believe a word we say

The digital marketing world is a competitive place, and whilst we know that our team is pretty awesome, we know that right now, you have only our pixel based words as proof to our pudding.

So don’t just take a word for it. Check out what our previous (rather ecstatic) clients in the South East, London & Essex and have to say about us.

Read our case studies

Oh, and we don’t believe in leaving our clients in the dark. We’re forever keeping them in the loop with insightful reports that provide the complete picture as to what we’re doing, when we’re doing it and why.

That’s how accountability should be done – and that’s why we’re just that little bit different than normal London agencies..

premium london seo agency

You Will be happy you chose to work with the number 1 SEO agency in London!

Powerful Tracking
on the go!

Updates at your fingertips via our
performance tracking app

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  • “Our rankings and social presence rocketed. Gareth and his team have been superb throughout the past year and we can’t wait for results to continue”


  • “Results have been superb, we saw immediate results within our Google Ad campaign and gradual improvements with our organic traffic campaign. Bulldog are a refreshing agency to work with”


  • "It was by FAR the best decision I've made in my company. Within 2 months I was seeing drastic changes to my traffic on my site. I am currently receiving enquiries every day & seeing my conversion rate go through the roof."


  • “Within a couple of weeks I saw results & now I'm ranking on the first page on all the search engines. I'm still in my first month of SEO with Bulldog Digital Media & I can't wait to continue business in the future. Exceptional customer service & brilliantly laid out SEO agency. For anyone who is looking to make the SEO jump then I can't recommend this company enough.”


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